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Privacy Policy

  1. On the download/ installation of the Binge Application on any compatible device ("Device"), the Users would be required to sign up/register using either their email address or the login through Facebook, to access the content in relation to the Services available on the Binge Application.
  2. The registration procedure would require the Users to provide certain personal data/ information such as the name, date of birth, address, email address, mobile number, credit/ debit card details such as card number, expiry date etc ("Information"). Details pertaining to financial information, passwords and such other information which by a law for the time being in force is classified as 'sensitive personal information/ data' shall be referred to as "Sensitive Personal Information". Please note that the functionality of the Binge Application entails that the Information be mandatorily provided by the Users, if they intend to use the Services of the Binge Application. In addition to the aforesaid, Noroc may also collect additional information about you generated by the use of the Binge Application, such as the date and time of any payments made using the Binge Application, location of the transactions, etc.
  3. Collection of the Information is necessary and is for the lawful purpose of providing the Users access to the Services. The Information provided by the Users may be used by Noroc for the purpose of data mining, so as to be able to provide Users with the Services in an optimal manner. In addition, Noroc may also use the Information to send promotional emails about the Binge Application, updates in relation to the Binge Application, offers etc, if any, to the email addresses provided by the Users, send alerts to or call on the mobile number provided by the Users to provide information regarding any promotions or to collect feedback regarding the use of the Binge Application, etc. The Users may unsubscribe to the promotional emails sent by us by contacting us in the manner set out in Clause 9 below.
  4. The Sensitive Personal Information shall not be disclosed by the recipient of the same, unless the disclosure of the same is required by governmental or statutory bodies, by an order or decree of any court of law, to comply with any other legal or contractual obligations or to provide the Services of the Binge Application to the User. In addition, Noroc reserves the right to provide the Information to any third party vendors for the purposes of background verification of the Users and/ or to such third parties whose services are connected with the Binge Application.
  5. The Sensitive Personal Information shall be retained in accordance with any law for the time being in force, which may require the Sensitive Personal Information and the related information to be retained for any purposes and for the duration as may be prescribed in terms of such law.
  6. Users are permitted to review the Information provided by them as and when they require, and in the event the Information contains any inaccurate or deficient information, the same may be amended by the Users.
  7. Users may withdraw the Sensitive Personal Information provided by them, by uninstalling the Binge Application from their Devices.
  8. The Sensitive Personal Information is stored and handled by the recipient of the same in accordance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. However, please note that we cannot guarantee absolute security of the Sensitive Personal Information in any circumstance.
  9. In the event of any concerns or complaints in relation to our Privacy Policy or in case of any breach of privacy, such as misuse of the password, the Users may write to our executives at support@letsbinge.com .